I’m using my manuscript as a mousepad.

Apologies to my manuscript.

The thing is; my manuscript and I have a very complicated relationship. It lies about in front of me with a silent begging scream. “EDIT ME!” It cries. I stare at it sporadically, occasionally with suspicion, and then sit a cup of tea on top of it and ignore the fact that I’ve only edited the first four or five pages and there are still about one hundred to go.

Here’s what I’ve done so far;

I wrote the first draft over a month. I wrote approximately 30k of the first draft over one weekend. And yes, it was as insane as it sounds. My hand cramped, my fingers went numb, my laptop started emitting smoke and sounds of terror (one of these is a lie). I’m actually getting this tension pain in the small of my back just at the thought.

(Separate blog post to follow about that particular weekend.)

I printed the first draft (It was exciting!).

I scribbled words such as ‘ARGH!’ in coloured pen and wrote snarky notes to myself in the margins (those were a slight surprise… and oddly welcome). I edited that manuscript until it lay weeping in a pile of tattered pages on my desk.

I then buried it in forgetfulness. It was used as a mousepad. It waited, patiently and impatiently, while I watched many, many episodes of Young Justice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then cheated on it by writing in very small cursive on a formerly blank notebook that I hugged wholeheartedly before opening and marring with blue.

I spent a weekend putting the scribbled editing notes into Scrivener… and now it is once again being used as a mousepad. It doesn’t seem to do anything when I stroke it, and croon at it, and rest my head on it (it is surprisingly comfortable), and yet… the editing remains undone.

Why are there not magical editing fairies?


And yet, the manuscript remains as it is. So perhaps I should stop bemoaning the tragic state of my relationship with it and give it some attention. Although knowing me, I will probably continue to procrastinate with the help of television on DVD and the internet.


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